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An effective, well-designed ventilation system helps to achieve uncontaminated airflow in the industrial work environment. Ventilation systems used in industrial plants are of two generic types-supply and exhaust. The supply system is used to supply air, usually tempered, to a work place. The exhaust system is used to remove the contaminants generated by an operation in order to maintain a healthy work environment.

We provide Supply/Exhaust ventilation system incorporating centrifugal fan, axial flow fan, roof extractor unit, GI/MS ducting, Grille, air intake louver, filter with filter frame etc. as per client's requirement. Washed air ventilation system incorporating air washer unit is also provided as and when required. Our design engineers are well equipped to custom design a ventilation system if provided with the dimensions of the areas to be ventilated and other relevant plant details.

We have been providing ventilation systems of various capacities for more than two decades. During this period, we have successfully executed number of such projects for industries like steel, cool, power, petrochemical etc.

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